Our locations

We are established on two continents: Asia and Europe, where our 6 offices and logistic centers are based.


The headquarter, showroom and mail warehouse are based in France, most specifically in Croissy Beaubourg, close to the capital Paris.

We have a showroom in Düsseldorf and administrational offices in Milan.

A warehouse based in Rotterdam with a special admission to stock a big amount of hazardous goods, is dedicated to stock our lighters.

Locations in Europe
Locations in Asia


We have 3 offices in China: Hong Kong, Shanghaï and Wenzhou.

Our office based in Whenzhou includes an in-house labotary where we test all our lighters.

Fields of activity

Our company is internationally established and distinguishes through its staff. Their activity is concentrated on 4 essential fields.


Our salesforce works essentially with key accounts or national accounts.


Our marketing department is in charge of the product development, product management, grafic creation and participates in the organisation of professional trade fair shows.


In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, we have decided to manage our support internally from our headquarters in Croissy Beaubourg.


Our purchase departments are composed of buying experts in their specialized categories who are mainly based in Asia. They act as brokers between factories and the marketing department.