Polyflame Europe

Lighter specialist since 1973.
European market leader for smoking accessories.

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Example n°%{numb} of a Polyflame product
Example n°%{numb} of a Polyflame product
Example n°%{numb} of a Polyflame product
Example n°%{numb} of a Polyflame product
Example n°%{numb} of a Polyflame product
Example n°%{numb} of a Polyflame product
Example n°%{numb} of a Polyflame product
Example n°%{numb} of a Polyflame product
Example n°%{numb} of a Polyflame product
Example n°%{numb} of a Polyflame product


Polyflame's conformity

Quality & conformity, the central values of our profession

A significant number of our products are classified as hazardous goods and are subject to regulations which are extremely strict and complex. In order to comply with these requirements and primarily to guarantee the security of our product users, we have developped a real expertness or as we say in french "savoir faire". The productions are meticulously and regularly inspected by our quality engineers. Our in-house laboratory tests the products and our warehouses are adapted to the logistic processes and the imposed drastic importation regulations.

Polyflame's commercial expertise

High know-how in the field of merchandising and packaging.

Point-of-purchase items, mostly placed in the cashier areas represent our core business. The buying decision takes only a few seconds and the presentation of the objects and selling supports is key. These components play an important role in the customer's buying experience. Due to our expertise in retail sales we work efficently on packaging and merchandising in order to achieve the optimum attractiveness and easy readability of products and selling supports in our point of sales.

Polyflame's skills in design and creation

Creation and design - the center of our savoir-faire

Since our beginnings we have decided to treat the process of design and creation in-house. Every item or display made by Polyflame has their own brand identity. An important added value, linked to the professional skills of our buying office, which allows us to develop unique items, perfectly adapted to the needs of each of our customers.

Polyflame's customer flexibility

Flexibility and customized service are the keys to our success

Polyflame's products are sold all over Europe and in more than 50 countries around the world. We offer our 1500 customers and the 50.000 stores we collaborate with a customized treatment: we focus on satisfying all needs in terms of business, logistics, legislations… A flexibility made possible due to a stict in-house commercial organisation.

Polyflame timeline

1973 first steps

Polyflame is born in Holland. The company is one of the pioneers in the commercialization of plastic lighters which are imported from Japan.

The first steps

1977 european start

Polyflame crosses national borders to expand on european areas, the products are now distributed in France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Polyflame announces itself as a cosmopolite entity, a veritable exception before the common market is even created. This huge diversity of languages and cultures in our team constitute a force for Polyflame today.

The european start

1990 birth of Polyconcept

In the early 90s the market of promotional products is growing remarkably. Numerous important brands are ready to invest in branding their name on lighters, pens, t-shirts or caps to offer them to staff, clients or prospective buyers. Polyflame positions immediately on the market through branded lighters, Polyconcept is born and becomes quickly leader of the market.

The birth of Polyconcept

The 90s development of our licences

Invigorated by the new gained expertise with the promotional products, Polyflame becomes the distribution specialist of products under licences with playful and diversified designs.

The development of our licences

2014 the turn towards independence

Polyflame leaves the group Polyconcept, becomes independent once again and follows its path to grow by selling their products to a large public.

Polyflame Europe SAS