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There is no doubt that CBD is the rising star in the wellness world.

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Groow is the answer to the guilt-inducing invective of going beyond oneself.

1st easy and no pressure wellness brand, the link between science and nature, action and simplicity, balance and greed. By offering selected products and clear and trustworthy information, in a general tone carrying us in a very strong desire to live, Groow is the boost for the important moments of our life, that is to say all. Efficient, healthy and clear products that make access to one’s own resources obvious.

Scandinavia & Eastern Europe :


Sales office & showroom
Contact: laurent.barth@polyflame.com


Purchasing office in Shanghai (25 people)

Sales office for USA & South America


1 office and showroom in Germany

Offices and dedicated back office in Italy

Sales teams present throughout Europe: Iberia, France, DACH, Eastern Europe & Scandinavia.


Our head office, which houses the operations department (sales administration, purchasing, accounting and finance)

Our 10 000m2 warehouse


Ideally located near Le Bourget airport:

Our 500m2 showroom

Our offices with our sales, marketing and digital teams.